Advancement traffic

Promotion of traffic - a clear relationship to our work on the site and the effectiveness of your company's sales.

We attract only targeted visitors:

  • SEO (promotion through the list to 250 keywords);
  • Contextual advertising on search engines and on content sites, as well as behavioral targeting
  • Advertising in social networks,
  • Promotion groups in social networks,
  • Product placement on the boards: Yandex Market, Avito, WikiMarkt etc.
  • Placing a site on leading industry portals
  • Email lists (not spam)
  • Banner advertising,
  • viral Marketing
  • Product placement on billboards and catalogs;
  • Placing posts on online forums and blogs;

Work to attract targeted visitors is incremental in nature, with the elements we use viral marketing to attract new target customers of your products and services.


Fixed payment a month.

+ Payment (in fact) for the transitions promoted by request

+ Payment (in fact) for the transitions in Central Asia with message boards, forums, directories, social. networks, banner and contextual advertising



Increasing competitive characteristics of the site.

Acquisition Cost Per User is calculated from site-flavored and competition in the industry.

In any case, you pay for the real consumers of the goods and services of your company, only for results!





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