Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising - a form of advertising on the Internet, the basic principle of which - match ads to user searches or context, ie content of a particular page that is hosting the ads.

Contextual advertising - and one of our core services and one of our greatest strengths. Also, contextual advertising for several years now - the main theme of our research interests, and public speaking.

We work with the three largest to date systems of contextual advertising: Yandex, Begun, Google AdWords. In addition, we conduct campaigns in the largest social network Runet "Twitter" and doing contextual advertising on Facebook.

Contextual advertising: the scheme and the procedure works

  • We gather all the necessary information about your customers. Together with you we determine goals and objectives of the campaign. Having a clear understanding of your target audience, choose Tools contextual advertising.
  • Are building a strategy that will accomplish its task. We make media plan, which lists all the sites, dates and cost of placing contextual advertising on search engines and advertising networks. Here you specify the forecast results.
  • We select a set of settings for the selected sites.
  • Monitor the progress of the campaign. Are making changes as necessary to maintain the preset positions and increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Provide reports on the campaign, we analyze its performance, if necessary, adjust the strategy to the next campaign.


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