The concept of "post" is derived from the English «post» and in translation means "the transfer of data." These data are the messages, called posts.

Posting - is the process of data transfer, ie writing and posting messages (posts) specially designed for this resource. Typically, the placement of messages may be in advanced, promoted resource with a large attendance.

As resources may make forums, blogs, guestbooks, message boards, catalogs, directories, etc.

The main types of posting:

  • posting on blogs (blogs commenting on);
  • posting on the forums (leaving messages on the forums, thematic, and non-thematic okolotematicheskih. Perhaps the creation of forums and dialogues in the interests of your company with your implicit PR services);
  • posting on social networking sites, catalogs, reference books, etc.;
  • posting on the message boards.

Length of post is usually not less than 100 but not more than 300 characters. On the one resource box links can only be in a designated field, and on the other - right in the message. Links in posts may be with the anchor text (the text content of links). In the anchor text must be included keywords that are most relevant to the promoted pages.

Selection of keywords is divided into several stages:

  • The relevance of keywords to be selected, ie compliance with a key request content (content) of the site.
  • The popularity of keywords. Important statistics keywords. This requires an analysis of the interest of visitors with the issue.
  • Competitive keywords. Necessary to analyze the competition keywords (first phase of site promotion.)

Anchor links can be important to address two problems:

  • show the user where the link leads (if the anchor acts directly the address of the site);
  • provide the user with initial information on the main subject of the page referenced by the poster.

Posting will help you to solve several problems:

  • Attracting visitors to the site.
  • Advertising site, service or product.
  • Simple and cheap but very effective way of promotion of the site by taking the natural thematic links to other resources.


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