Writing a cms

CMS - is another way to build your website. The debate about how competitive and it is about what kind of CMS is preferable not cease on the forums Webmaster for more than a year. There is no single objective answer to these questions does not exist, we can only summarize the pros and cons of all options, proven experience and make choices based on the specific situation.

As the merits of samopisnoy CMS include:

  • ease of management - in the site made especially for you, you will only be required functionality. Therefore, this site will run faster and take up space on your hosting less.
  • flexibility - no restrictions on the functional site! If you require something special, a programmer would say that this functionality is not in CMS and will have to do. When creating a site on samopisnoy CMS developer much easier to implement your most original fantasy.
  • security - a popular CMS today can not be called safe. An attacker could easily take over its code, subject to review and find ways to hack sites running on this CMS. Security samopisnyh CMS depends entirely on the qualifications and professional culture of a group of developers. The code is certainly a unique CMS is difficult to get, therefore, it defaults to "not break open."

Experts CompasPlus develop easy to use CMS specifically for your site in a short time and only for your requirements.


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