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Banner - one of the formats used in the ad online advertising. Is a graphical banner ad to be placed on web pages. Banners can be of different sizes can be manufactured using different technologies, which allows the use of banner ads for different purposes campaign. In addition to selecting the type and size of the banner, an important factor influencing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns - is the correct selection of the site for its location and place on a site where the banner will be placed.

The most common users are gif or flash banners. These formats allow you to make your animated ad, which allows users to draw more attention, as compared to text ads that are used in contextual advertising. Also, an animated banner allows you to show your product images, company logo and any other graphics that may attract more attention to the product itself, and to the image and awareness of the company, in the case of an additional emphasis on the logo and corporate style.

In addition, animations and simple software component can afford to produce a banner with an additional interface that allows the user to get acquainted with a large number of products, just flipping through them in the interface of the banner. Also, the banner can be made in the playing style, which involves the reaction of a banner at the cursor is placed over the user.

Before choosing a location, carefully examine the site, which are going to advertise. In some cases, be better accommodated in the lower part of the site. For example, if it is a separate section of the menu, the most suitable for you on the subject. Thus, you can not place a banner on the road in front of everybody, and to identify the epicenter of attention you need an audience at this site and the "hit" exactly in the target visitors. Particularly, this applies to portals that contain a large number of sections and subsections.

In addition to the location of the banner on the homepage, you should pay attention to the possibility of thematic targeting. If the site contains separate sections, it is best to stay on the pages you want your sub, again, without paying for placement on all pages where it can not be your target audience.


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