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Our work on the site is constructed on the basis of its own design - a management information system «Compas».

The system of "Compas" allows the customer without involving the developers site, and additional financial costs on their own to change the structure and the informational sections of the site.

Welcome to the-shelf software and design solutions:

Business (Store, Media Portal)
  • The aim of the project: sale of goods and services over the Internet, creating a constant target audience on the site, providing additional services, increase customer base
  • "Store" - a fully functional online store with an extended structure and the author's design
  • "Media Portal" - a large site, covering the chosen sector of the Internet market for goods and services, the provision of various services.
Progressive (online catalog of products and services)
  • The aim of the project: a visual representation of goods and services on the Internet, the ability to assess client characteristics and the choice of goods in the On-Line mode, attract new customers.
  • Information resource with exclusive design and Internet catalog of goods and services on the basis of content management system CompasProgressive.
  • Includes design with elements of Flash-animations, galleries, online catalog of products, software modules to automate your work with the catalog.
OptimaL (Representation of your company to the Internet)
  • The aim of the project: presentation of the company's brand online, attract new customers, search for partners, attracting labor resources.
  • Information resource with exclusive design and a branched structure based content management system CompasOptimal.
Start (Internet card company)
  • The aim of the project: information about the company online.
  • Informational site with a simple design and a standard structure.
  • Includes an on-line "Ask" and "Newsline" (on request).

Our experts will answer but the questions and help you choose the best solution based on the objectives and ultimate goal.

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