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Nesting Site - is a process of forming a web page for the finished layout. This stage is an integral part of the development site. Make-up combines the creation and execution of the code page it using cascading style sheets (CSS). Professional make-up should combine many features of the rules themselves and the different layout options display documents in browser, which is now a huge variety.

The process of site development must take into account the fact that all Internet users have monitors with a different extension, so the coder must be a true professional in order to take into account such nuances. In this case, there are two versions of the design layout of the site: a site with a fixed width and a "rubber" site. The width of the fixed site is determined on the basis that according to statistics most people use monitors with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. However, there are drawbacks: the inefficient use of free space. Rubber site model is obtained due to the fact that the units to fit the design for the most part are the percentages that allows you to stretch the entire width of the layout of the browser window. Layout and design of the "rubber" most preferred layout.

Today, there are a number of popular browsers used by people to work on the Internet. These include: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and others. Each of them has several versions - the newer and older, therefore, each of the browsers can display the same page, provided in the code differently. All the browser makers tend to come to the same standard of Hypertext Markup Language, but so far there is disagreement, so the layout of sites should consider cross-browser compatibility.

Working with CompasPlus, you can be sure that the layout of your site will include even the smallest detail when working in different browsers.


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