Creation modules for site

The functionality of the site - this is one of the important issues. Not every Internet - resource can be easy to use: one of the sites do not have the module "feedback" on the other - more pictures - the third catalog and price - of the sheet.

Conventionally, all the functional sites can be divided into standard units (those that are in one form or another there are a number of sites) and individual (those that are designed for individual, highly specialized task client).

  • Typical modules

Catalogs, the system orders (forms, shopping carts, etc.), forums, blogs, book reviews, newsletters modules, banner system, news, personal offices and other clients

  • The individual modules

Calculators goods and services, system modeling and visualization, etc.

Our goal - to improve the functionality of your site by developing and implementing modules: order form, feedback module, primers list, online catalog website, photo gallery module, etc. In addition, there are a number of topical sites, for which the functions of a standard module is simply not enough. Advanced individual modules for the site, and sometimes they are just unique and can solve larger problems and require individual settings, such as sampling, type and criteria, the calculation of the total cost of the selected product in the online catalog (module - the calculator), a comparison of the goods at cost and performance, the purchase of goods with payment of the various payment systems or credit cards (e-shop module).

We are ready to develop a unique model of the modules under individual task. Let's write a module to sites of various topics, functionality and complexity. Also, we perform the integration of modules developed by the CMS website.


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