Writing promotional articles + article promotion

Stateyny promotion - relatively long-term, but highly effective investment promotion in the Internet site.


  • The duration of time. Usually articles are published for all, even on the free resources. Therefore, references in the articles affect not only the position of the site into a search engine, but over time their role will only increase;
  • Attracting more targeted audience. Links to articles written to promote the site, as a rule, have a natural look and the ability to attract the attention of the target audience is large.
  • The same article can be partly put on a few sites. The first source should always be your site. That is, first article to appear in your site, and then the other;
  • You can control the entire text of the article, the full text with the link.

Service Stateyny promotion includes:

  • Selection of keywords
  • Writing unique articles
  • Preparation of individual titles
  • Manual placement of articles on the subject and specialized resources
  • Placement of articles on paid resources

Check the uniqueness of the article is very simple, and you can do it yourself, knowing the "unique features articles":

  • When placed into a search engine 50-70 characters of text of the article, the search will return only your text;
  • The length of the text is not less than 3,000 characters (at least 3-4 paragraphs);
  • The density of keywords in the text is from 4 to 7%

Website Promotion Articles can be trusted only to professionals. After all, in order to really interest the audience, the text should be drawn qualitatively and competently. Terms Stateyny effective website promotion:

  • The article must be unique in content;
  • The article should be written in plain language;
  • The article should be directed to the target audience;
  • The information contained in this article should be reliable.

If all four rules are met, then the desired result is guaranteed!

Stateyny promotion by far the most effective method of promotion in Yandex, as decisive factor for being in the TOP is the quality of reference sites and pages that contain links, rather than their number.

If you chose Stateyny site promotion, our services for writing text for posting on websites and the Internet, will certainly be useful.

Professional company CompasPlus will help you create a truly unique informational material that will be highly appreciated by the search engine.


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