The calculation of the effectiveness of marketing tools


The purpose of web-studio "CompasPlus' - not for commercial advertising, and advertising that will make your business more efficient development and growth in sales over the Internet faster.

Any business project starts the same way - to write a business plan, develop a strategy and calculate risks. Same thing with the promotion of business on the Internet.

Before you make responsible decisions on the use of marketing tools necessary to conduct a competitive analysis and audit of your site.

The most effective analytical package - a market analysis + optimization. This package includes:

A. Determining the level of impact of competition on the site a potential buyer, and the convenience of working with him («usability»).

Two. Determining the success of SEO-site promotion, search engine competitors (competitive position of sites).

Three. The identification of the competitive resources marketing tools to promote your business on the Internet.

We will prepare for you "sell" semantic core, which will hold a technical site optimization.

Here you'll see the big picture to promote your business on the Internet:

  • How to develop your competitors;
  • What marketing tools they use and what they receive from the effect;
  • What are the most effective key phrases for you.

 If the list of key phrases already drawn up and approved - we can offer you an audit and technical optimization of the site, which consists of the following services:

  • change of titles on the site;
  • working with meta tags (hidden title pages);
  • Work with the structure of the site pages;
  • extension of the information content of the site;
  • organization of an optimal internal link structure of the site;
  • Editing and optimization of site code (if necessary).

The main objective of advertising on the Internet - to ensure that your potential audience:

  • Recorded on your resources;
  • Make calls to your office;
  • Ordered your services;
  • Subscribed to your mailing list;
  • Buy your products.

And we will help you to achieve all these tasks!



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