Website promotion

Website promotion in search engines will provide you with the inflow of loyal customers who have made their own choice in your favor.

It's one thing when the goods or service advertised in all intrusive means of media advertising, which is very annoying most of the target audience, and another thing - when the client finds himself in the online product or service. Here and in the credibility of your company higher, and the formation of loyalty there.

For effective promotion is necessary to analyze the competitive and technical site optimization.

In the basic package of site promotion are:

  • Registration in search engines, as appropriate;
  • preparation of site names and descriptions for registration in catalogs;
  • selection of resources to install links to the site;
  • use of satellite sites;
  • Submit your site to the required directories;
  • installation of external links;
  • building a reference database;
  • placement of feature articles;
  • Installation of links on our sites and partner sites.

Following this phase, provided the foundation for the growth of the reference database and citation index (TIC) of the site, increase the credibility of your site for search engines, increasing the number of weekly visitors to the site, and as a result, the number of orders from the site.

Promotion and support (support and improve the results) include:

  • monitoring of results in search engines;
  • retention achieved high positions, and their improvement;
  • Constant monitoring of competitors;
  • make the necessary changes in the individual pages of the site;
  • location of new feature articles;
  • outstanding job of editing options;
  • add links to external resources;
  • adding new content to the site;
  • Fast adaptive to changes in search engine algorithms.

During this stage of promotion is a dynamic improvement of the site positions in search engines, increasing the number of visitors on the site.

Example of website promotion:


respected people
Lombard "Meridian"


Helvetica Trading