Branding - is:

  • the process of creating and maintaining a brand through advertising, PR-activities and alternative forms of product promotion,
  • work to develop brand product, promotion and maintenance of its prestige, and monitoring for compliance with grade requirements of the market,
  • high-technology win and keep customers.

Names may be easy to pronounce and remember. But it is not enough!

To advance in the market should be radically different from its competitors.

The company must present the main thing that can distinguish it from other similar companies - corporate identity.

At the base of the market leading companies in the industry trade dress, as a rule, worked out at a high level. The companies that are out of the sales leaders, corporate identity worked less, and companies that are trying to help raise their sales marketing - branding worked at 100%.

It is worth pondering how you will identify and record buyer.

Graphical visualization should also be associative - company logo remembered the consumer and has a clear connection with the goods or service. Visualization and associative memory will improve customer confidence in your company and its products.

The choice of marketing tools for the development of the brand on the Internet is quite wide and is based on the calculation of their efficiency.


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