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The enormous potential of social networks in contemporary Russia is fully appreciated by a very small number of companies. Meanwhile, large and not very western companies have a long and very successful use of the possibility of social mass - media solutions for business - tasks, armies of marketers are working to implement a variety of ways to promote social networking. Their primary goal is branding this formation brand awareness among users. Progress in social networks are also called Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM - a special area of ​​marketing, a package of measures to promote the brand in social networks. Arsenal way of so-called SMM tools is growing exponentially.

Judge for yourself - the audience in the popular Russian social networking is more than 40 million users. Most of them - are individuals aged 16-35 years. They are active in social networks, but they are hard to find in other media - they almost do not read newspapers, do not watch TV, do not listen to the radio. All that your potential customers.

Creating a corporate community - it is certainly the most effective way of promoting the brand in social networks, which has a number of advantages. First, the cost of this method is relatively low, as compared with its performance, it will seem very insignificant. Secondly, you have the opportunity to allocate all available from the audience only the part that meets your criteria - the target audience, advertising and show it to her. Thirdly, it is possible to make the brand a clear and close - to speak the language of the client, use the feedback. Fourth, universal way to SMM-promotion on social networks effectively for almost all areas of the market.

For a successful SMM company to pre-optimization (Social Media Optimization), whose purpose - to make your stay on the site as user friendly as well as give them the opportunity to present a pleasing site to your friends (social networks, according to statistics, the average 1 person 100 friends).

For effective branding in social networks, in addition to knowledge of the technical capabilities of the network, it is very important in a high level of knowledge of the psychology of communication between users, knowledge of the basic techniques of communication. Therefore, experts in SMM should be chosen responsibly, because these people will represent your brand millionth audience, and their degree of professionalism depends on the success of the SMM company. All web-studio experts CompasPlus have experience in implementing successful SMM companies and are willing to do, and your site known and popular.


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