Corporate style

Corporate identity - one of the main promotional tools of any modern company. The company's commitment to acquire its own unique signature style that will emphasize its individuality and uniqueness, it will allocate from the mass of similar companies in the same direction, a style that will make it recognizable to consumers and competitors - it is a necessary strategy for the formation of the business.

He certainly should be fresh, bright and special. It is a visual image of the company required for the selection of the company, its products or services among many others.

The main components of corporate identity:

  • logo, symbol, trade name;
  • color palette (corporate colors);
  • corporate font;
  • the card;
  • letterhead;
  • corporate envelope;
  • Folder.

Corporate identity is one of the most important tools in promoting the company, it serves to build communication with the outside world, and is intended to emphasize the individuality of the company among its competitors. Corporate identity - this is the highlight, for which your company will learn from hundreds of thousands of others, that element without which the business does not exist.

Creating easily recognizable and memorable image of your company - this is one of the most important tasks of our professionals. Rely on this matter and we derive CompasPlus you best!


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