Marketing research

For the correct solution to any business problem it is necessary to have accurate marketing information.

It's no secret that before successfully bring to market a new product or service, you need to market research of interest to a segment of the market - to examine the competitive environment, consumer preferences).

On the Internet there are similar rules. The market of online services is developing so rapidly that it take a particular product or service is becoming increasingly difficult.

"CompasPlus' provides you with market research:

  • study of interest to a segment of the market (size and condition of the market, finding new audiences, new formats of the product, the study of the competitive environment);
  • branding (creating a brand for a new product or service, presentation and promotion of the brand in the market, the organization of promotional campaigns in the Internet);
  • development of advertising strategy for your business (turn-based strategy to exit your business a competitive market, financial feasibility and organization of advertising campaigns on the Internet);
  • a comprehensive Internet marketing (the necessary market research for your company and develop a strategy of building your business);
  • audit of the site - to evaluate how the site meets the online market trends, as far as it is convenient and intuitive for visitors to identify their interests, visits to rank pages, thus only highlight for visitors interested in the information, services, products and thereby increase the number of customers and how consequence of profit;
  • Contextual advertising is an effective means of attracting the target audience, contextual advertising in search engines is displayed to the user depending on the phrases contained in its search query;
  • quantitative research (identifying consumer desires, through a consumer survey particular product or service).

Our experts will answer your questions and help you choose the best solution based on the objectives and ultimate goal.


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