Site design

Today the Internet is one of the most effective advertising platforms. Businessmen in XXI. say that if your business is not represented on the Internet, we can assume that your business does not exist. That's why of how effectively the representation of your company on the Internet, depends largely on its success in the market. From this it follows that the development of the site design - a process which must be approached with great responsibility, trusting the design professionals in this field.

Good design of the site should include:

  • The maximum user-friendly interface: the logic, structure, site navigation system.
  • A unique, vivid graphics solution: the design of this saytadolzhen be developed with a focus not on the aesthetic views of the founders, and the taste preferences of the target audience.
  • The design should prevent the perception and the readability of text.
  • The design should be designed in such a way that, despite all the beauty, not to increase speed of loading pages.

These items contribute to an effective design, and are key. Creation begins with a brief to the design, which fills the client, pointing at him all his wishes. In general, the design of the site - a symbiosis of the creators and the preferences of the target audience to which the site is directed.

CompasPlus conducts work individually with each customer, our managers are trying to learn from the customer as much information about the upcoming project, about the purposes for which it is created, which tasks are placed in front of the site.

All our designs are original, we are confident that the goals that were set in the brief before us, are achieved as efficiently and quickly.


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