Organize promo

Promotional campaigns are organized to inform the audience about a new product or service to the sale of goods on the action, in order to fashion.

The components of a single advertising campaign on the Internet:

Preparatory phase:

  1.     Create Flash banners in different sizes to be placed on partner sites, and shares in the search engines (8-10 banners)
  2.     Writing the appropriate promotional items and descriptions for posting on the blogs. Number of articles depends on the selected items of PR and marketing tools.
  3.     Creating a promotional page (site) on the Internet.
  4.     Creating the module "Social Survey" on the site and its optimization

PR and marketing on the Internet:

  1.     Posting on message boards, forums, social networks (including 1.5 hours of work the optimizer with thematic resources every day.) In the first 1-2 months can be as to cover the entire Internet, if you increase the work up to 4 hours per day.
  2.     Banner Advertising: work on placement of banners on the visited resource on the Internet (it is important to understand for whom the event is organized - for the investors or the general public - even though everything is interconnected - when the "buzzing hive" by investors interested to participate, thus creating a advertising or reminding the public about themselves). The cost of the placement of banners and banner advertising campaign organization - by appointment. Accordingly, many banners can be placed free on portals and sites visited may place a free and Yandex (since the action - and NON-PROFIT CHARITY). Or ask for a discount on accommodation, this should be in correspondence with the administration of the site.
  3.     Contextual advertising: the work of maintaining the account on Yandex-direct. The proposed budget for Direct - 10 tr a month. You can also use the system runner (hosted on a Rambler and other thematic areas).
  4.     Creation of community groups: the creation of social networks of specialized groups leading agitation users on the Internet. Moreover, both positive (PR events) and negative (negative goal and side of the event - black PR). 2.3 operate journalist.
  5.     Distribution of official letters: letters are sent on behalf of the Fund (the Organization of the Office) prospective sponsors to participate in this event. It requires a highly individual approach to each potential sponsor. The cost of the work being discussed.
  6.     Social surveys of the population: distribution of promotional forms E-mail to organizations and individuals, conducting interviews at the portals and niche sites with automatic counting of votes.

The above points allow maximum coverage of Runet users and attract public attention to the activities undertaken.
Accordingly, the greater the extent of the information campaign, the more sponsors will want to take part in it.

Necessary to determine the options for PR, the allocated budget for this event, and plan promotions.


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