Vertu phones are pleasing to the eye. Impeccable design and attention to detail makes the phone manufacturer Vertu Vertu works of art. Touching them care. Made of expensive metals, original Vertu phones attract all the attention, as soon as you pick them up. They delight the ear. Exceptional sound quality to bring people together, making communication more intimate and complete. In our salon Vertu always available is the latest model of the original phones Vertu, such as: Vertu Quest, S Design and Ascent X. Turning to us, you can be sure that you are buying an original Vertu phone is the lowest price and you will be happy to see you again. Turning to our service center you get the most prompt repair Vertu. Especially you will enjoy the highest standards of service that will provide you a reliable guarantee for repair phone Vertu. It should be noted that in our lounge also have the opportunity to not only buy the phone Vertu, by choosing the model in the catalog phones, but sell their vertu at your price.


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