Web site design. What should I consider?

Website design always starts with the choice of design. It is at this stage, the selection and development of key elements of style, such as trademark and logo, exclusive fonts, selection of colors corporate identity, slogan and brand elements that are inherent in the documentation of company: letterhead, envelopes, folders.

So, the main point in the design of the site: the site design is to help visitors find the information he needs, and focus the visitor on important points. We, for example, focus your attention on this thesis by highlighting it in bold. Many moving parts distracting visitor. It is bad enough when a visitor does not know where to look.

Website design based on the corporate style, uniquely associates your company and everything connected with it, forms a recognizable visual image makes it possible to stand firm, shows your present partners and clients. Artists-designers in the development of websites should be specific to the activities of the company, especially sold their goods or services. Successfully developed a trademark emphasize individuality of the firm.

Web site development needs to take into account corporate colors, which will be part of corporate identity. The main factor influencing the choice of colors, is the area of ​​activity in which the business operates. You also need to keep the compatibility of different colors. You should not use a large number of colors, it is best to limit 3.2 contrast. Selection and corporate colors draws upon the logo, it is there to be used primary colors and based on this will be taken into account colors website design. In practice, the creation of websites is based on design a logo to the color that is used throughout the site.



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